Search for persons with a dormant credit balance

The occupational benefit schemes must notify entitlements of persons of pensionable age which have not yet been claimed. Women aged 64 and men aged 65 are currently of pensionable age.

The 2nd Pillar Central Office traces persons for whom a dormant credit balance has been notified. This is done essentially by making a comparison with the data of the Swiss AHV (1st Pillar). For this purpose we have direct access to the Central AHV Register at the Central Equalisation Office in Geneva (ZAS). Where the person receives a pension from an equalisation fund, we determine from the register the appropriate equalisation fund or the address of the person if the pension is paid abroad. The addresses of persons abroad are directly notified to the schemes and the attention of the authorised persons is called to their possible credit balance.

For persons in the case of whom we can only ascertain the appropriate equalisation fund from the ZAS, we ask the equalisation funds to provide the addresses of the entitled persons.

As the AHV does not have current addresses for persons who are no longer in receipt of a pension from Switzerland, in some countries an additional direct data exchange with the relevant central social insurance authorities of those states has been agreed.