Which documents must be submitted?

Before making a possible payment we wish to obtain our own picture of the financial situation of the benefit scheme and the events which caused the problems. When an application for insolvency benefits is made, documents on these points must therefore be attached and appropriate observations made.

The information required for the treatment of an insolvency application may vary from case to case. We normally work on the basis of the following information which must be submitted as a minimum:

  • Liquidation ruling of the supervisory authority (if already issued)
  • Statutes/regulations of the foundation
  • Pension accounts of the insured persons (including information on AHV wages)
  • Annual accounts, including report of the auditors for at least the last 5 years prior to opening of the liquidation proceedings
  • Information about the founder company
  • Information about the assets investments: liquidity, reasons for insufficient cover etc.
  • Information about restructuring measures taken and audited
  • Planned liquidation procedure
  • Other appropriate documents