Complete form Part B

Only Part B is to be completed with the help of the balance sheet, operating account and notes to the annual statement of accounts.

  • Enter the total of regulatory termination benefits pursuant to Art. 2 FZG on line 3.1. Add the corresponding reporting date 31.12.xx. As a rule, this is 31.12 of the assessment year. In an exceptional case the latest calculated value according to Art. 24 FZG applies.
  • Enter the total pensions paid (retirement, disability, spouse, children and orphan’s pensions) from the operating account or pension accounts of the assessment year on line 3.2 and multiply by 10.
  • Enter the total from lines 3.1 and 3.2 on line 3.3 and the contribution of 0.005% calculated on the total of line 3.3 on line 3.4 on the right outer side (for the years 2011 – 2013, the effective contribution rate was 0.01%. From assessment year 2014, the contribution rate is 0.005%).
  • Transfer the value from lines 3.4 to line 4.1.

Stamp and signatures of the benefit scheme and auditor, send in the form and pay the contribution due.

(german only)