Case description

Simple case: benefit scheme of a fairly small business

Practical example (the figures are assumptions, as are the basic values)

The B. Hurni AG Joinery Company of Burgdorf builds kitchens and employs 34 persons. One of them is Vreni Wyss, a payroll accountant. The company achieves annual sales worth around 7.2 million CHF. It has its own registered benefit scheme and the risk benefits are reinsured. The total coordinated wages under LOB for the year 2000 stood at CHF 1,284,188.- and the total pension credit balances for the year 2000 at CHF 180,697.-. This is equivalent to 14.07% of the coordinated wages. The benefit scheme will therefore be able to apply for a subsidy in respect of an unfavourable age structure.

How must it proceed to settle up with the Guarantee Fund? As we have seen the basis is the pension account, the balance sheet, the operating account and possibly the notes to the annual statement of account.