Detailed questions

Please note the following points in particular:

  • The benefit scheme still has to pay contributions if its benefits are re-insured with an insurance company and even if the insurance company pays benefits out directly to the insured persons.
  • A regulatory benefit commitment exists not only if a regulation in the formal sense has been drawn up. It also applies in the event of a general practice on the basis of decisions of the responsible foundation body or if an unreserved decision has been taken to pay recurring (pension) benefits for an unlimited period.
  • Purely voluntary benefits do not have to be settled with the Guarantee Fund. A pension benefit is only regarded as voluntary if it was decided with an appropriate reservation and can therefore be suspended again at any time.
  • The method of financing the benefits does not play a determining role in answering the question as to whether contributions by a benefit scheme are compulsory. These contributions may also be made entirely by the employer.
  • It is also immaterial whether contributions are (still) being paid. For example, benefit situations dating back to before 1985
which have not been continued after the entry into force of LOB (i.e. which were closed down) must be settled.
For questions concerning compulsory settlement with the Guarantee Fund, please refer to the Business Office.