Occupational benefit scheme, registered and/or governed by FZG
Foundation figuring in the register of occupational benefits for performance of LOB (pursuant to Art. 48 LOB) or a benefit scheme with regulatory benefits governed by the Vesting Law (FZG). Such benefit schemes are automatically affiliated to the LOB Guarantee Fund (Art. 57 LOB).

Regulatory leaving benefits under Art. 2 FZG
Total benefits calculated according to FZG Art. 15 (defined contributions pension plan), Art. 16 (Claims in defined benefits pension plan) or Art. 17 (Minimum amount on leaving the benefit scheme) as at 31.12 of the assessment year. The benefit scheme must notify the leaving benefit stipulated in the regulation to the insured person each year (Art.24, para. 1, FZG).

An individually insured person affiliated to a joint scheme who works for his own account or the employer in a personally owned firm who is jointly insured with his employees in the same benefit scheme.

Difference accruing to a benefit scheme between 14% of the coordinated salaries and the actual LOB pension credits in so far as these amount to more than 14% (LOB Art. 58, paras 1 and 2).