Insolvency benefits

The main task of the LOB Guarantee Fund is to secure all the persons with second pillar insurance in the event of insolvency of the benefit schemes or of the group of insured (Affiliation of an employer to a collective/joint establishment).


Since the entry into force of the LOB, subsidies handled by the Guarantee Fund permit equalisation in favour of employers with an above-average number of older employees who are particularly badly affected by the graduated savings contributions under the LOB.

2nd Pillar Central Office

The 2nd Pillar Central Office was created on 1 May 1999. It is the liaison body between the 2nd pillar institutions and the insured persons. The schemes must notify annually all persons with a credit balance to the central Office. The insurance holders may make enquiries to the Central Office about the whereabouts of their credit balances.

Liaison Office

Since 1 June 2002, the Guarantee Fund has also been the occupational benefits liaison office with the Member States of the European Union and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

Art. 56 LOB designates the following particular tasks:

Tasks of the Guarantee Fund under Art. 56 LOB