The Managing Committee has transferred the conduct of the tasks of the Business Office to ATAG Wirtschaftsorganisation AG. On the basis of the statutory and contractual rules, the MC has issued a specification which covers the following task areas:

  • Appointment of the Implementation Office
  • Definition of the specifications for the Implementation Office
  • Monitoring the activity of the Implementation Office
  • Adoption of the annual report for the attention of the Foundation Board
  • Adoption of the budget for the contributions and proposal to the Foundation Board
  • Attendance of the Chairman or of a substitute at the Foundation Board meetings for the purpose of consultation and guidance
  • Definition of guidelines for the investment and supervision of asset management
  • Definition of compensation for MC members
  • Decisions on procedural matters of insolvency
  • Insolvency decisions in exceptional cases
  • Adoption of regulations for the benefit of the Foundation Board
  • Consultation on draft laws, initiatives and referenda
  • Interpretation of statutory provisions for practical use
  • Consideration of complaints and representation of the Guarantee Fund in the Complaints Commission and Supreme Court
  • Dealing with all other business which is transferred to the MC by the Foundation Board or placed before it by the Implementation Office