The top level organisations of the social partners, publicadministration and a neutral member sit on the Foundation Board as thesupreme body of the Guarantee Fund.



  • Martin Kaiser, Swiss Employers' Federation, Zurich

Representatives of the Employees Organisation

  • Roger Bartholdi, Schweizerischer Bankpersonalverband, Zurich
  •  Matthias Kuert Killer, Travail.Suisse, Bern
  •  Gabriela Medici, Swiss Trade Union Confederation, Bern

Representatives of the Employers Organisations

  • Martin Kaiser, Swiss Employers' Federation, Zurich
  • Olivier Sandoz, Fédération des Entreprises Romandes, Geneva
  • Henrique Schneider, Swiss Commercial Federation, Berne

Representatives of the Public Administration

  • Daniel Wittwer, EFV Federal Treasury, Bern
  • vacant 

Independent member

  • Prof. Dr. Corinne Widmer Lüchinger, University of Basel, Basel