The Nineties


With effect from 1 January 1997, insolvency cover was extended to the non-compulsory benefits (up to a maximum limit). At the same time the statutory basis was created to guarantee the benefits at the level of an insured group. The LOB Guarantee Fund must now also cover the general deficit of the LOB Supplemental institution.


Adoption by the Federal Council of the new ordinance on the LOB Guarantee Fund (SFV).


Following the merger of the existing Benefit Scheme Associations to form the Swiss Pension Fund Association (ASIP), the composition of the Union for Implementation of the LOB Guarantee Fund changed accordingly. Alongside ASIP, other members are still the Swiss Insurance Association, the Union of Equalisation Fund Associations and the Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks.


With effect from 1 May 1999, the Guarantee Fund has acted as the 2nd Pillar Central Office.